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Ciau amigos!


Hola amigos,

This blog has always been the most realistic, passionate and constructive. Some bloggers here post since 2006 and they have tactical knowledge: SKYWALKER, ALFIO, FELIPE, KRISH, WATCH10 are for example, awesome to read.

Everyone here has its own life and post more or less. Some stay. Some leave. Some come back. Some don’t but will. Some post more because they have more free time. Some post less because they have raised a family (RUNE). Some can’t because they have too much work (TODDUTAH). Some leave and come back two times in a row because of useless quarels (ALBO). Some couldn’t connect to the Internet and post or even watch games because of war (ALFIO). The major reason why some awesome bloggers have left the blog is because of realism and depression: they see Argentina doing the same mistakes again and again and are bored (GEORGE, ALEXA, etc). Some stop posting. Some post only when it matters. Some monuments of this place will come back (AURELIUS). This blog lives through cycles. It’s like a family, at some point everyone comes back and people like CHALZ know it. It is the first and the best blog, even if it’s not the most modern.

My job in life is to analyze companies and study their outlook. If a company is promising, I keep it. If it’s not, I put it aside. I am a passionate perfectionist and until a problem isn’t solved, I try to solve it. Since 2007, I keep repeating like a parrot what goes wrong with Argentina tactics and Management, generally in a very precise and constructive manner. Since 2011, I stopped doing that because it’s repetitive. You see, QF of WC 2006 traumatized me. The most beautiful team I have ever seen lost unfairly. Our beautiful futbol which is the best way to win titles on the long-term was not efficient. The Copa 2007 final killed me. During Summer 2007, I studied all our games of WC 2006 and leant everything I know in futbol from Pekerman. Things that you understand by re-watching games and study how our fantastic Pekerboys moved together, to form like an organism.

There is something I can’t stand in life: Stupidity. Some people don’t understand that futbol is a collective sport. They don’t understand that you must defend as a unit. They don’t understand the basics. If Argentina conceds a gol like against Chile, with only 4 players defending, the others walking, they just don’t get it. If Argentina would win 1-0 every game by having 4 red cards and 1% of the possession, they would be happy. Apparent results don’t mean we are playing well. My Grand-Mother could just have the same. The fact is that Argentina, the country of technique and beautifu passing, can NOT do 3 successful passes in a row. One question: why do the fans stop singing “Olé Olé Olé, Olé Olé Olé Ola”? Have you ever thought about it? No? Because Argentina loses the possession all the time! Messi has improved under Sabella? Maybe it’s because of Barca and that he’s getting more mature? What will they say when Messi will be 39? That his level will have decreased because of the coach at that time? Messi needs nobody to beat Maradona’s records. All this is politics. Finally, lots of Sabella fans hate Pastore like they used to hate Riquelme and Aimar before. They prefer Sosa and I respect that. But at least respect creativity and keep you hatred for yourself. Someone like Payasito could have been a doctor. He’s educated. Please learn from his class, on or off the picth, like Messi does.

As Sabella Mania is pure Stupidity and growing with no reasons, I cannot handle it anymore. Sabella is doing exactly the same things that Basile, Maradona, Batista did. The Same. Exactly. You don’t believe it? Well, you haven’t studied or watched the games under the 3 previous monkeys. Sabella tries to achieve his objectives differently, it’s true, by trying to make his forwards defend (and uses for example a defending but headless chicken like Lavezzi), because at least, he’s a coach. And he fails! Sabella probably has honest motivations but he’s here for one year, and we keep defending with 6 or 7 players. The forwards try to satisfy him but the discipline result is the same. Equal to zero. Only an experienced coach, who has authority and cojones can bench our stars to make them understand. Our forwards play for themselves, not for the team, not for the country and people who have to face a terrible crisis since 2002. Forwards don’t defend since 2007. They will continue. Unless Sabella makes it with Sosa, Guinazu, Rojo, Desabato and Brana. Will he?

There is a website that should be called Mundo Sabella. 97% of their bloggers believe Sabella has done at least a decent job. You know what was the stat for Batista after our victory over Spain 4-1? 72.9%. After the Uruguay game, they insulted him. Here on the argie blog, almost all the regulars were pessimistic after that win over Spain! Some like me got trashed because of announcing that we were going into a wall, under Basile, Maradona and then Batista (=3 times). It doesn’t change with Sabella. The fact is that none of these uneducated people came back here to apologize and say “Sorry guys if we insulted you, you were right”. FAB? People here are honorable and credible.

I have never considered myself as a moderator, but more of an active blogger of this fantastic place. I tried to make people think about our tactical and management issues. But as I said before, I can’t handle stupidity. The Sabella fans want to live in Alice in Wonderland and refuse to face the truth. So be it, they’ll soon have a new pro-AFA Moderator to dream a bit more. This place belongs to every fan so it belongs to Sabella fans too. I respect constructive Sabella fans, not the others and as a moderator you must even respect the trolls. I could stay but it’s boring to lose time to satisfy “Stupidity”. For me, it won’t change much. I’ll keep posting like before and share my passion with the regulars… and will save all the time used at this voluntary work done for 3 years. It was nice to work within your team DARYL, please email me when you have found someone to manage this board.

Vamos Argentina carajo!

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October 17th, 2012 | By: Maxi Lopez | Comments Comments(0)

Hola amigos,
I’ve just watched a friend of mine playing the last videogame available on the market.
He doesn’t handle its gameplay well yet but he still managed to score 2 golazos thanks to the Argie attacking force. Messi and Higuain are awesome to control, you can manipulate them like chewing-gum!
Because the Artificial Intelligence ... [read more]


October 16th, 2012 | By: Maxi Lopez | Comments Comments(0)

Hola amigos,
After another easy victory in this WCQ campaign, this time over Uruguay (3-0), Argentina will tonight face Chile at Estadio Nacional in Santiago.
What are your expectations?
Another victory?
Sabella’s 4-4-2 or Messi’s 4-3-3?
Vamos Argentina.
... [read more]

Where is Argentina’s Long-Term Plan?

September 18th, 2012 | By: Maxi Lopez | Comments Comments(0)

Hola amigos,
We all know that Spain is the reference. To reach historical success between 2008 and 2012, they didn’t fall asleep on Barca’s wonderful midfield. Qualitatively, Del Bosque managed his group of players perfectly, even when his boys were arguing eachother in the clasico, and called the best. Quantitatively, it was excellent.
For ... [read more]


September 11th, 2012 | By: Maxi Lopez | Comments Comments(0)

Hola amigos,
After Paraguay and what Messi calls “a triumph”, here comes Peru!
This is the possible lineup in which Higuain and Lavezzi would turn around Messi:
————-Gago—————-Di Maria——
Brana is suspended and Sosa is out of Sabella’s 4-3-3. Mascherano is coming back.
I still suspect our coach to use his conservative 4-4-2 for this away game, ... [read more]


September 4th, 2012 | By: Maxi Lopez | Comments Comments(0)

Hola amigos,
Argentina will host Paraguay next week-end for the WCQ campaign.
Here is Sabella’s probable lineup, according to me:
Sosa———Brana—–Gago——-Di Maria
Apparently doubtful, Gago would not be replaced by Biglia in the starting lineup, according to Sabella.
Mascherano’s suspension and the lack of trust in Biglia could be Sabella’s excuses to use 4-3-3 with Di Maria ... [read more]

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